Understanding the Nuances of Worshipping

For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them.
[Mathew 18:20]

It is indeed so beautifully conveyed in the gospel of Mathew that when two or more people gather together to pray, a DIVINE unification of their souls occurs, to let them experience the ONENESS with that which is the eternal source to ALL THAT LIFE IS and also which is LIFE itself, to ALL THAT IS.
This stands true for all the religious groups which guide their followers in their own ways, to devotedly worship and mirthfully sing praises of the glory of the one source to whom we all belong, from where we have emerged and where we all hope to return.
In this physical world, we live in a reality where time and space exits and we perhaps see ourselves as distinct entities, separated from each other. However, as we embark on a spiritual journey enhancing inner transformation soothing our souls letting it evolve and recognize its own potential and the purity that it holds, we encounter the fact that all souls are universally connected with the SOURCE and hence with each other. We are enlightened to the fact that we are all one and just for the moment of living, occupying this physical body that implies separation, for experiencing the knowing of the wisdom which lies within each one of us. That’s probably where we get caught up in the illusion of being aloof from the SACRED TOGETHERNESS. Yet, when prayers are offered together, everyone is invited to experience the magnificence and wonder of the divine light within us perpetuating LOVE and COMPASSION, FREEDOM and JOY all the time.
When clusters of people unite to offer their thanksgiving and praises to the Always-LOVING, ALL-KNOWING Almighty with deep, intense, unwavering Faith felt from every level of their beings, impossible and unimaginable miracles are said to have occurred. It is the collective consciousness of all the souls coming together at an uplifted level of awareness where the good of ALL is considered as the good of self, where the love of ALL is considered as the love of self, where all possible physical emotions that separate one’s self from others cease to exist, where self takes the responsibility for his/her actions and nevertheless, strives for the common good of all the beings in the community.
So, powerful is the joining of beings in the name of the creator that they seek to help, love, care, nourish, enlighten, respect and uplift each other to evolve together at an energy equivalent to that of the DIVINE and resonate within the indigenous and the mystical aspects of life that keeps them clinging together to each other in LOVE- the very nature of our existence.

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