Are church services aired on television and internet acceptable?

Many people across the world listen to church services aired on television or broadcasted online, these people use such services available as a medium to worship or listen to the word of God. But the question is – Are these online church services or the church services aired on television acceptable? Well it is important to know and understand what God wants from us when he says remain connected to the church.

What needs to be considered is the reason why a person is using an online church service or a television aired service? Is it because of physical restrictions? Is the person bound by any kind of disability? Is it a job posting in a remote location that does not permit an individual to attend services in the church? There can be a number of legitimate reasons why a person may not be in a position to attend a church service in person. For example, a disabled person, or a person with impairment – like a physically handicapped/a paralyzed or a blind person, a person working with the defense forces – like army or navy personnel posted in extremely remote locations where there are no churches, a person working on board the ship, etc. In such cases church services aired online or broadcasted on television channels offer up as a means to worship and remain connected to the church by being exposed to the word of God even in circumstances where attending in person church services is not possible.

Then again there are those people who refrain from attending Sunday church services out of laziness, some others may find it a pain to drive down to the church in lousy weather or perhaps they do not want to deal with others in the church community and hence use these online or television aired church services. It is time we take a look into our lives and keep in mind that God judges us by looking into our hearts and the true motive behind what we do and what we refrain from doing.

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